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Spiritual Preppers and Spiritual Warriors more than likely describes you--eyes open towards what Scripture says about the endtimes and heart compelled to remain faithful and live soul out for Christ. Providing carefully selected books on the endtimes and products to inspire you to release that spiritual warrior inside is our goal. 

This store was birthed from a recent book from Jake McCandless entitled Spiritual Prepper and is upcoming book Spiritual Warrior, both of which are calls for believers to be ready for challenges now and the future. From those warnings, our team was encouraged to put together a narrative-type shopping experience that did more than warned, but actually equipped those seeking to be found ready. The highlight of the store is our Timeline Books. Highly recommended endtime books are organized by the simplistic endtime timeline Jake uses in his live teachings. 

Take time to check-out all our store has to offer and please reach out if we could help make the experience more enjoyable.